Day 51, 46 miles

A day fitting of what we needed, not too long or hard of a ride, as we were in Syracuse by 11:45 am, and were able to relax for the rest of the day.

One thing that did happen on the ride this morning was that the connecting pin from my frame to my rack snapped, leaving the rack dangling to one side. I have some wire with me, so I was able to wire the two parts back together to hold it in place, to keep it from hitting my wheel, but at some point I will need to get it welded back together. This is a problem that other people with my model of bike have had, and it wouldn’t be considered the hardiest touring bike on the market. Talking to some bike shops here, it is not something that they do in store, and they would have to ship it out to get fixed, so my current plan is to add a few more loops of wire, which held it all day today, and hope that it holds for 7 more days, a little bit of hope and wire.

We spent a pleasant evening in Syracuse with Steve and his 98 year old father, eating ravioli and ice cream cake on their front sun porch, overlooking their front yard garden. There are a number of garlic bulbs drying on the porch and the flowers in the garden are all in bloom.

Overall we are appreciative of a roof again, and good company, and will likely sleep soundly tonight, provided there are no new surprises, which we thankfully do not expect.



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